Our story begins in the year of 2012. We started building our experience many years before with great portfolio including our most memorable frames. Our idea was to create true emotions illustrated trough wonderful photographies  and videos .From the very begining until today we differ from the others because of our uniqueness and individuality  and also our modesty. We dedicate ourselves to a smaller circle of clients  in who we invest our maximum which is our main characteristic that we are very well known by.

We started working with photography so that is where our need for videography came from. Videography is something that we passionately dedicated to in order to reach the maximum level of excellence so we can cover any kind of event with powerful pictures and videos. Meanwhile our clients grew interest in wanting us to organize events which resulted in the growing of our team with more experienced people in marketing , graphic design , and PR who takes care of realising your projects.

We are team of young professionals who with a lot of positive energy create a masterpiece. From photography , video ,graphical design , marketing  all the way to organizing great big events. We cover everything until the very last detail. We know that when you are in search for the right production who is going to work on your project you look for someone in who you can totally confide with your absolute trust. That is why we are here to contribute with our professionalism , a lot of positive energy and maximum trust to stand behind your every idea and need.